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Honeysuckle Arch Forest

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Honeysuckle Arch Forest

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Ask a question about the Honeysuckle Arch Forest

The Honeysuckle Arch is fantastic product that will light up your garden. The Honeysuckle Arch is perfect for framing a gateway, and is manufactured from high quality, pressure treated softwood.

The softwood timber is then planed for a smooth finish and is guaranteed against rot for 15 years. The criss-crossed pattern along with the pointed arch will compliment any garden.

The softwood timber that the Honeysuckle Arch is made from comes from a renewable source managed by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Forest are renowned for producing innovative, quality, stylish products to suit both the traditional and the contemporary garden setting.

We sell the full range of Forest products. Please feel free to view the rest of their range within our website to add to your garden collection.

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Editors notes

280cmH x 179cmW x 42cmD

Uprights: 70mm Diameter

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Customer Review's

28/04/2009  Mr David Pope rated the Honeysuckle Arch Forest
An excellent product that has already made an impact in the garden. Easy to assemble and good quality at a very reasonable price.
12/01/2010  James Oliver rated the Honeysuckle Arch Forest
This is a sturdy piece of kit, despite the low price. Good quality treated timber, and very secure when assembled (I concreted the legs in which no-doubt helps alot). Neatly packaged in shrink fit plastic, so easy to unload when it arrives - which was very prompt and on the specific day I requested. I would recommend the product and Gardener's World!!
12/04/2010  E.Tattershall rated the Honeysuckle Arch Forest
A most excellent product!

Recent Questions about this product
From steve randall In surrey (22 January 2009)
  Q. How is this arch attached to the ground please? Do you dig holes in which to put the corner posts (if so do you concrete) or do you put some spikes in the ground (if so do you supply them)? Thanks.
  A. Hi Steve,

Anchors can be used to secure the arch to the ground. You should dig holes for the 4 legs to go into. Concrete can be used. It is a matter of preference. If there is high winds in the area. Concrete would be recommended. Ground fixing spikes can also be used.

We can supply you with ground fixing anchors with the arch if you wish. The arch comes with full assembly instructions.

Kind regards, Blair of the Gardeners World team

From Jean Newman In Horsham (10 April 2009)
  Q. What is the distance between the posts? Some of the arches have this dimension but not all, it is important. I am looking for one which will go over a 150cm path.
  A. Hi Jean,

I don't think this one will be big enough for your path. It is approximately 140cm internally between the posts. I think you may need a bigger one. Are you looking for it to sit flush over your path?

Kind regards, Blair of the Gardeners World team

From Maxine In Manchester (29 April 2009)
  Q. Hi, love this arch - could you tell me which anchors would be suitable to use with it - would I need 4 spikes or would two on opposing corners be enough? Thanks
  A. Hi Maxine,

Thanks for the enquiry.

If your using post anchors, you'll need 4. 1 for each of the legs. Often you don't need spikes, you can just excavate the ground and sink the posts in. Around 300-400mm deep.

Hope this helps?

Kind regards, Blair of the Gardeners World team

From carol williams In hazlemere Bucks (06 May 2009)
  Q. Hi, the arch is 280cm high, is this before the legs are sunk in the ground? Thanks
  A. Hi Carol

The total height of the Honeysuckle Arch is 280cm, which allows you plenty of length to dig this into the ground.

We reccommend at least 20cm sunk into the ground, leaving you an overground height of 260cm.

Where were you thinking of putting this in your garden?

Kind Regards, Ben

From Isabel Footring In Derby (31 August 2009)
  Q. Can this product be stained with a coloured stain?
  A. Hi Isabel,

Yes that would work fine. Any recognised timber preservative can be used on this item. Cuprinol or ronseal we feel are best.

Kind regards, Blair of the Gardeners World team

From Steve In Dunstable (21 June 2010)
  Q. I note that the posts can be put straight into the ground. Is that correct? I would have thought they would rot! The posts are round but the spikes are square. How does this work? Thanks
  A. Hi Steve

Thanks for your question.

I would recommend sinking these into the ground and filling with concrete. This will then protect them when they are in the moisture.

We do not currently have any round ground spikes for this product.

Best Regards, Ben @ Gardeners World

From michael balmforth In midhurst (13 June 2011)
  Q. Installed this last year and would like to extend sideways with more uprights(4) -slightly thicker and simple matching 8/9 ft. length cross beams on top-do you sell these pieces and the mock supporting arms as used in the arch??
  A. Hi Michael,

Thanks for your enquiry.

Sorry to report that this is not something we can supply. We supply and sell only the full Forest Garden features, such as the Honeysuckle arch. We don't have separate or spare timbers we can supply.

Kind regards, Blair of the Gardeners World team