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3 Meter Hardwood Parasol

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Great big hardwood parasol, manufactured to commercial-quality. This parasol is available from us with a massive 3m canopy and a 48mm diameter one piece mast.
The canopy is made from 235 gsm polycotton, with a teflon coating and is shower proof.

The parasol is manufactured in hardwood with stainless steel fittings and a steel reinforcing bar on the spars.
Frame is made from 100% FSC certified Eucalyptus

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ONLY £170.00
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Editors notes
The Parasol canopy is 3m in diameter, the mast is 48mm in diameter.

One of our favourite wooden parasols, comes with a COMPLIMENTRY FREE cover.

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Customer Review's

21/02/2008  Stephen Tooley rated the 3 Meter Hardwood Parasol

Recent Questions about this product
From Beata In London (11 February 2008)
  Q. Can you tell me the exact size, the shape of this parasol, and if it's coming with a base how much does it weight and cost? Thanks!
  A. The parasol is 3.0m in diameter and is octagonal. It is 2.7 metres high and has clearance of 2.1m at the outside of the canopy when it is up. It weighs approx 25kg. We supply several types of base, you can chose from the Steel coated 28Kg parasol base or the table holder (which is screwed into a wooden table to fix from).

However you will find Argos do an extremly cheap plastic base for £5.00 which is ugly but ok if hidding under a table or hidden by plants, and now tesco offer cheaper cast iron base at £29.99 however its finish isnt the best and again we would recomend covering it.

From Diane In Sussex, England (11 February 2008)
  Q. Would it be possible to get our company logo printed on the parasol?
  A. Hi Diane
Sorry it took so long to get back to you but I had to ask a whole lot of people about whether or not we can do it for you. Basically it can be done but the quote is based on how many you need and what sort of time period we're looking at before they need to be ready.
Let me know what you're exact requirements are, we also need to know how many colours are in your logo graphics, and what size the graphic would be on the parasol.


From Chris Butler In Leeds Yorks (11 February 2008)
  Q. Can you supply replacement covers and if so what is the price?
  A. You can purchase a replacement cover form us for £45 which includes VAT and delivery to mainland UK. The covers are zip up and shower proof and will last for around a minimum of 3 years.

From George Neighbour In Derbyshire (11 February 2008)
  Q. Does this parasol tilt
  A. Hi George
Sorry no this parasol does not have a titlt mechanism, we do however offer this option on our titling parasol which you can find at however this is not a wooden parasol similar to your option..
Steven M

From Mrs Ferguson In Cheltenham (11 February 2008)
  Q. Does it have a pulley or wind up system to make it easier for me to put up and down?
  A. Hi Mrs Ferguson
The 3.0m parasol has a double pulley system for raising the canopy.

Hope this helps
Steven M

From Bill Richards In Bath (11 February 2008)
  Q. Can you supply cover only to fit to an existing frame?
  A. Good Morning Mr Richards, Yes, we can supply canopy only to fit an existing frame, however this replacement canopy is specifically designed to fit the Tabula brand parasol. Although if dimensions are comparable there shouldn't be any problem, however we cannot guarantee this.

From Mrs Kemp In Norfolk (07 May 2008)
  Q. How do you thread up a double pulley system for this parasol? Thanks
  A. Hi Mrs Kemp

Fix one end of the rope to the fixed metal loop just under the top (fixed) hub, then feed the rope down to the wheel on the running hub and loop it through. Then run it up to the top hub, loop through. Allow quite a bit of slack and run the other free end of the rope in reverse sequence (top hub/running hub/fixed loop) and tie it off. The slack you left is the part you pull to raise the parasol.

Kind regards, Blair of the Gardeners World team

From Marie Thompson In N Ireland (20 March 2009)
  Q. I can't see a pulley system on this parasol. Does it have one?
  A. Hi Marie,

Yes the hardwood parasol has a pully system, to allow the parasol to be opened and closed.

Kind regards, Blair of the Gardeners World team

From davd In shropshire (03 August 2009)
  Q. the material on my parasol got ripped and had to be destroyed, leaving only the wooden frame. Is it possible to buy a new cover?
  A. Hi David,

We sell replacment canopies for this parasol. They are designed for the hardwood Tabula range of parasols that we sell.

Kind regards, Blair of the Gardeners World team

From Dawn In Wales (23 April 2010)
  Q. Do you supply seat cushions to match this umbrella in white?
  A. HI Dawn,

Unfortunately we are unable to supply matching seat cushions.