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A good water feature can become the real Pièce de résistance within your garden, offering more than an ornamental aspect or a decorative feature. While most water features are build around a striking and eye catching form that can itself bring almost a statuesque quality, it is the running and flowing water function of such a piece that has the real appeal.

Water features have many benefits that can help you to enhance your garden no end, with the aforementioned decorative aspect helping to draw you out into the space, capturing the attention, while the sounds of running water can fill the air and really help you to immerse yourself in your environment, creating a relaxing space that can become a real treat for all of the senses.

As well as this, the addition of flowing water can also match well with the natural environment that you find yourself in, with the trickle of a stream or a waterfall complimenting the plant life and the outdoor space well.

Types of Water Feature

A number of different types of water feature are available that can bring different effects both visually and audibly, with some being more compact, while others can flow for great distances. self contained water features may well be the most compact and easy to install pieces, with these features incorporating all motors, pumps, wiring and workings inside their own form to cut down on installation times and a whole lot of fuss. Indeed, many of these water features can be sued straight from the box after being filled with water. As well as these, other pot mounted water features are available that can be dug in to the ground for added support and stability. Furthermore, some water features are sold in pieces, such as this Slate Waterfall feature that can be fitted alongside some others, creating a larger piece overall that can span larger areas of your garden.

Styles and Themes

A number of different styles of water feature are available here at Gardeners World that offer a range of different looks, with at least one sure to be suitable for your own space. This range allows you to apply specific themes and a particular appearance on your garden, bringing perhaps an element of colour, while other may choose a more traditional style that matches the build of their house, as different people may choose an elaborately ornamental piece.

A large amount of the features shown in our range are made as a stone style water feature, carrying on a natural theme that will compliment most gardens well. This also brings the look of a piece that has been carved out of stone over time, with the flow of the water appearing to have formed its own path over time. The stone theme can be continued through more elaborate designs, with items such as this ornamental stone water feature taking on more of a decorative and ornamental appearance. With this in mind, a good range of granite style water features are also available that take on the look of the natural rock, while also adopting the same polished look that the real thing can provide.

Ceramic water features are also included in the Gardeners World range that have a real crafted quality about them, while a more elaborate fountain style water feature can bring a truly audacious touch to your garden, bringing with it a decorative and classical look that can work well in some environments.

Materials and Equipment

As already mentioned, our range of water features are made with a large number of different materials, with stone being implemented, while a range of ceramic pieces are also included, with both materials offering strength and durability that are well suited to the outdoor environment. Granite has also been utilised, while certain plastics have also been used that offer the strength of a synthetic material, offering excellent levels of resilience and a great function. Along with these however, many water features can be made from resin type materials that are able to be moulded into rather elaborate shapes and designs, before being treated to take on the appearance of a natural stone or rock. Materials such as this are able to bring a natural appearance while working at a fraction of the weight of the real thing, making your water feature much easier to install and use.

Another technical aspect to consider is the need for a pump or a motor that allows the flow of water to run through your water feature. With this in mind, a number of water feature accessories are available that can help you to get started with your new piece.