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Choosing a shed

With such a huge selection of sheds it can be a daunting prospect selecting the right one for you. Luckily we at Gardeners World are here to help! This extensive guide to selecting a shed will make sure you make the best choice when choosing your shed.

The most important thing to think about whilst choosing your shed is what you will be using it for. Think about how much space you have available, and how much space you need in the shed. It is worth considering going one size higher because a lack of storage space can become very frustrating!

For example if you are looking to buy a shed to make into a workshop, then we would recommend going for a larger shed that includes glazed windows which can be found in our Workshop Shed section, these sheds are extremely durable and generally feature windows along the length to let in as much light as possible but also come with a sense of security featuring a full lock system.

Shed materials

We construct our sheds using the following materials:

Timber Sheds are the most common available . Timber is the most natural option blending in beautifully with the surrounding garden. For the best quality build it is worth looking at the Shiplap sheds which are constructed from tongue and groove cladding for a sturdier shed.

Metal sheds are designed to be a lot more durable than timber sheds and have the advantage of being fire retardent. They only require a little maintenance to protect from rust.

Plastic sheds are a lot more durable and lightweight than any other variety and are perfect for smaller storage requirements. Plastic sheds also require the least amount of maintenance.

Choosing a site for your shed

There are many factors to consider when selecting where your shed will go:

  • Access and space, you want to make sure there is enough space to get into the shed easily.
  • Surrounding area conditions, you will want to make sure to avoid overhanging branches and foliage, fallling branches can cause significant damage and a build up of leaves can cause damp.
  • Natural light, a light area is best if the building is to be used as a workshop for example.
  • Do you intend to run an electrical supply to the building and does it give any implications?
  • Again, choosing the best site will often depend on what the shed is being used for.

Planning permission

The majority of the sheds that we offer will not need planning permission, but it is always something worth checking with your local authority. We have plans and instructions available on request to make this a lot easier.

Shed Base Construction

You want to make sure your shed is constructed on a level foundation, this ensures the shed is stable and strong from the base up. The foundation can be paving slabs or a complete concrete foundation. Alternatively we do offer a Shed Base which is a great alternative to foundations.

Whatever you choose to do make sure you leave extra space at the edge of the foundation(about 5cm on all sides. The dimensions of the base can be found on the plans/assembly instructions, and you should construct the foundation based on these)c.

Shed Installation

We can provide installation for the majority of our sheds, all you need to do is give us a call or hit the ask a question about this product button to receive a quote from us. Make sure to include your post code when you do this as this helps us be as accurate as possible.

Of course you can construct the shed yourself as all our sheds are provided with easy to follow, step by step instructions which makes it very easy for anyone with a bit of DIY experience.