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As time goes by and you have lived in your home for a number of years, the issue of storage can become a real headache to some, with items such as furniture and equipment gathering up and taking up precious space both indoors and out. This issue can also spill out into your garden, where the added factors such as security and durability come into play, with exposed pieces being more obviously vulnerable to thieves, while the elements can also have their way with any items that have been left outdoors to perish. With such factors in mind, Gardeners World is able to offer a great range of Secure Storage pieces that allow you to lock away any precious pieces, while also offering a little more space within your home and garden to keep things a bit more organised.

Our Range

As well as sheds and other garden buildings, we stock an excellent array of other Storage structures that allow you to lock up and tuck away any number of different pieces, from gardening equipment, to toys and bicycles, to any planting or horticultural supplies that should be kept safe. These range from simple box type pieces, to large chests and walk in areas; some creating a stern looking secure space while others blend in a little more with the typical garden style.

Materials and Styles


The most common material found in garden structures is generally wood, with timber being used in a great range of Sheds and other buildings. This material is more in keeping with an outdoor environment, offering a great style and a natural strength that provides structural integrity and great levels of durability. As is the case with sheds, some of our storage units are made with more of a rustic or homely style, incorporating apex roofs and slanted tops that are indicative of a more traditional style that some users prefer.

Along with its appearance and strength, wood and timber also bring a certain level of weather resistance, this material being extremely adept to keeping out any rain or rough winds. This being said any wooden storage units or garden buildings should be treated with an effective wood preservative; these are readily available both online and in your local hardware or DIY store, easily applied and offer a great layer of protection for your structure.

Metal and plastic

Metal can bring a truly hard wearing design to your structure, offering a stern exterior shell that is able to take on no end of abuse, either from the weather or even from could be intruders. This material can offer a tough internal structure while thick panels close off the unit well, protecting anything that you may have inside. With this in mind, some users prefer metal to wood or other materials due to the truly sturdy and tested construction that it brings. As well as this, a metal storage unit can also appear a lot more imposing, working as a greater deterrent for any thieves thanks to its tough look.

Some plastic pieces are also available here at gardeners world, with both a hard plastic and some synthetic fabric pieces available that offer protection from any external dangers. While appearing less formidable than a metal piece for example, a synthetic material can brings excellent durability and coverage, helping you to keep any perishable items safe from harm and away from the onslaught of the elements.

Security and Access

Stern locks and doors are fitted to the majority of our secure storage units, allowing for free access when necessary, offering excellent levels of security without hindering function and convenience. Heavy padlocks and latches should be used that seal up a piece well, while once again acting as a great deterrent for any forced entry. Heavy doors are used that offer full access while standing tall to allow you to enter without any trouble. Larger storage units bring a great deal of space and ease of movement, while also being built with a tough exterior that are able to accommodate your goods, keeping them safe and protected for greater piece of mind.