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It can be difficult to understand the techniques and procedures that are involved in creating your own dream garden. Sometimes you have some ideas but do not know fully how to turn these ideas into fruition. Perhaps, you are looking for new inspiration, but lack the time to visit some of Britain's most breathtaking castle and estate gardens.

Here at Gardener's World, we offer a range of gardening DVD's, as a practical and enjoyable solution. Each DVD, is part of a range of 24 professionally produced gardening films which we believe are great for entertainment, but also make fantastic gardening gifts. All of our films follow organic practices, and the principle of sustainability is central to all of our gardening activities.

These informative Gardening DVDs are produced by Dancing Bee, who are passionate about gardening, and passionate about sharing their extensive knowledge of gardening.

Throughout these DVDs there is a consistent championing of Organic Gardening methods. Our DVD film on "How To Garden Organically" is devoted to this method of horticulture as the name suggests, but all our films do have some information on organic gardening as well.

These great Garden DVD Sets are available in three interesting categories:

  • Finest Gardens
  • How To
  • Top Tips
Our range of Finest Garden Films are filmed tours of some of Britain's most famous gardens and they are in essence, an ‘access all areas’ visit to these national treasures. The films take you around the garden accompanied by the head gardeners’ and discuss the many and varied specialities for which they are famous.

The films are captured on DVD and are a marvellous way to capture the beauty of these wonderful gardens, and make a great gardening gift to the enthusiast and also for those who enjoy visiting gardens around Britain.

Our range of 12 How To Garden films cover the 12 most practised gardening areas, and this set of gardening DVD’s form a valuable guide to help the gardener through some areas of gardening where a bit of advice and visual demonstration will help

Furthermore, Dancing Bee Garden DVD's have featured in an number of Articles within Gardening Journalism including: Choice magazine, Daily Mirror, Evening Standard, and Garden News magazine.

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