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The garden table that graces your space is one of the main pieces that will dictate the type of environment that you are creating, helping to turn one part of your garden into a point where you can spend your time admiring the world around you. The use of a table in your garden sets aside an area that you can make into your won little environment in the outdoors, making the space more hospitable while the garden surrounds you, allowing you more of the familiarity of the home in an outdoor context.

Whether it be for dining, gathering or simply convenience, our range of garden tables is sure to have something that you will be able to bring into your garden, fulfilling your needs while also adapting to the environment to blend in well and compliment the space.

Types of Garden Tables

A number of different styles of garden table are available here at Gardeners World, some taking on more of an outdoor feel, while others mimic some of the qualities that home furnishings carry to allow for a similar function in the garden. In each case however, our tables are made to cope well with use in the outdoors, taking on their function while also working to adapt to any adverse weather and other external dangers that may be present.

Garden Dining Tables

The idea of having a garden dining table is perhaps one of the more popular ones for any gardening enthusiasts, allowing you to bring one of the more sociable aspects of life to the outdoors when the weather is a little more pleasant. Our range of dining tables allows for the same level of use as an indoor piece, providing ample space for you and your friends and family to gather around, creating a truly interactive space within your garden that promotes chat and banter through one of the most sociable and enjoyable situations.

The range available includes both round garden dining tables and square garden dining tables, with the square or rectangular options offering more of a traditional function. This being said, the round design can create more of a free flowing environment, allowing people to move easier and get closer, creating more of an easy going setting.

Bistro Style Garden Tables

This type of table refers to the lower coffee shop type tables that are made to sit outdoors, the a href="">garden bistro table made for use with a shorter chair and for resting drinks and other items on. This type of outdoor table are synonymous with images of Paris and canopy covered cafe exteriors, the bistro table offering more of a casual dining or drinking experience, creating a more easy going tone within your garden.

Garden Coffee Tables This style of piece is made exactly like the type you would find indoors, with the garden coffee table sitting close to the ground and made for convenience and a less formal function, allowing people to gather around without the imposition of a taller piece.

Materials and Styles

The more typical materials used for most garden tables and other garden furniture would be wood and metal, with moth offering great levels of strength and durability that allows them to cope well with the weather and any other factors to do with outdoor use. As well as this, they both bring their own definite styles that can have a real impact on the overall appearance of your garden; with a wooden garden table working well with its natural surroundings through its matching finish, while a metal garden table can offer more of a feature, perhaps incorporating more of an ornamental aspect that can really set it off.

As well as this, a further natural style if offered by wicker garden tables, as well as similar rattan style garden tables. These materials are used on many outdoor furnishings and are able to bring a crafted style to a piece, while their natural materials offer easier integration with the environment around them.

Along with these materials, a number of glass topped garden tables are also available that works well with the body beneath it. This top provides a flat surface and a better work space, levelling off the potentially uneven surface while strengthening the table that little bit more.