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The Garden Seating that you choose can be the one piece that transforms the space from a purely visual treat into a real experience, allowing you to fully interact and take your own place within the space, increasing your comfort while bringing the familiarity of the home in to the outdoors to allow you to truly make the space your own.

The range of garden seating that we carry here at Gardeners World includes all kinds of different chairs and seats that allow you to adapt the space to your own particular needs, while the styles on show and the materials used mean that you can adapt your seating arrangements to be in keeping with the theme of your garden, this furniture blending in rather than causing a conflict. This beings aid, your garden seating can help to reinvigorate a tired area of your garden such as a patio, while also setting out a clear place that you have set aside for relaxing and taking in your surroundings, making the spot your own little haven.

Types of Garden Seating

The seating available here at Gardeners World takes on many different forms, with some pieces being made purely with the garden in mind, while others are similar to the type that you may find inside your home, bringing some of that familiarity to the outdoor environment. In each case however, comfort is provided as is a great place for you to relax.

Folding Chairs

Our range of folding garden chairs may perhaps be the most simple and convenient pieces and lend themselves extremely well to the garden environment. Pieces such as these are easily brought out and used when the more pleasant weather comes, while also able to be folded up and tucked away should the elements take a turn, meaning that you are able to adapt your garden to the conditions that you find yourself in. As well as this, these folding garden chairs are easy to bring out should more guests come round, making great temporary and additional seating should it be required.

Garden Armchairs

More of an easy going feature, the garden armchair can be more of a permanent feature, while also allowing for more of a relaxing posture. Our armchairs allow you to completely take your weight off, supporting you as you lean back and take in your environment and enjoy the sun.

Garden Loungers

A true Summer piece, the garden lounger brings perhaps the most comfortable option in to a space, combining elements of the regular couch and bed designs to allow you to spread out and take the sun on, making this a real luxury piece.

Garden Dining Chairs

Ideal for those who love the idea of outdoor dining, our range of garden dining chairs are, of course, great for use with a large dining table. These chairs will support you well, while allowing you and guests to gather round easily, and interact, creating a free flowing setting that may well see you enjoy yourself well into the night.

Garden Sofas

Our garden sofas range really bring a piece of the home outdoors, a larger seating piece that lets you get close with someone, or even just put your feet up when you want to relax. These pieces are a little more casual than the loungers mentioned earlier and can be a rather unique addition to your garden set up.

Materials and styles

These are the two elements that have an impact on one another, with both the design and the materials used contributing to the overall look of the garden seating, which itself is incorporated into your garden setting to carry on a theme or style of your own choosing. Some may choose to go with a more natural and traditional style, perhaps choosing wicker furniture or rattan furniture that both bring a hand crafted style to a piece, all the while utilising natural materials that integrate well with the environment around them.

Others however may seek more of an ornamental piece, with some excellent metal wire seating bringing a decorative touch to your garden, creating more of an elaborate, but no less comfortable, piece. Perhaps the most often used material however is wood, with wooden garden furniture offering great strength and durability that comes from its natural source. As well as this, the finish offered by such a piece works well with the pant life and the trees on show in your garden, while also integrating well with the more typical garden buildings and structures that you will find, allowing them to find their place within your garden.