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Garages Buying Guide

This comprehensive garages buying guide will take you through every step of the way of buying and installing your brand new garage! If you are looking for a great modern garage that is easy to assemble, then you have come to the right place! With our extensive range of sturdy garden garages, we are confident we can offer a product to suit the needs of all of our customers. If you follow this handy garage buying guide, you can't go far wrong! As daunting as the purchase may sound to some initially.....

The build quality of each of our garden garages are inspected at every phase of its manufacture, and this is certainly reflected in the high quality of the final product.

Our great Garden Garages are constructed either from metal (steel) or Timber. The below guides details the differences between the 2 types, and characteristics of each type of garage.

Metal Garages

Our range of anti-rust Steel Garden Garages are constructed from hot-dipped, galvanised steel that is then coated in two layers of weather-proof, off-white paint. Each steel garage also comes with a 12-year, manufacturer's no-perforation guarantee, meaning that your garage will be assured for as long as you need it!

Metal Garage FAQs

Q. Do metal garages suffer from condensation?

A. They can do if bases are not constructed properly, a damp base will almost certainly cause a condensation cycle. Ensure that the concrete or slab base is of the correct size i.e. only slightly larger than the shed base rail. The base of the garage should be higher than the surrounding land area, and should contain a DPC layer within it’s construction(plastic sheet). Edges of the base should be trowelled smooth and slightly angled down towards the edge so that water seepage does not occur. Seal the inside of the base rail with a suitable waterproofing mastic.

Q. Are metal garages noisy in the rain?

A. No more than a car parked outside the house.

Q. Will metal garagess rust quickly?

A. Our metal garages are constructed with good quality hot-dipped galvanised frame and panels. This in conjunction with a good paint coat, should ensure that the garage will outlast the guarantee and be useful for many years without the need for major maintenance.

Q. Are thin gauge metal garages strong enough to withstand gales?

A. All the garages on this web site have been adequately tested, and will withstand the majority of weather conditions experienced in the UK. They will withstand similar loadings as a good quality wooden shed. Obviously there are extremes of weather condition that no metal garage could withstand, but that is a normal insurable household risk.

Wooden Garages

Constructed from hardwood timber, our solid timber garages are really robust and won't let you down in even the severest of our British weather, keeping your vehicles secure and protected from the elements.

Timber Garage FAQs

Q. How is the timber garage packed when it arrives?

A. All timber garages are packed on an export standard pallet. The panels are made to a specific size to make the optimum handleable size. Our drivers will, on arrival, offload the items from the pallet, and stack them in a suitable position for you, neatly and tidily.

Q. Will the timber garage be secure?

A. All the timber garages in our ranges are equipped with high security bolted hinges as standard. A substantial hasp and staple is provided for use with a padlock (not supplied).

Double Garages

Got 2 cars that need stored away safe from the rain?? Then look no further than our range of garages come supplied with comprehensive, straight forward assembly instructions to enable you to erect your garage rapidly. The instructions in all the metal and timber garages offered here are comprehensive and descriptive. The task of building is straightforward and methodical, but it is a DIY product and requires a certain amount of DIY capability. There is no great science to the building of a metal shed, just a logical approach.

Please note: A flat, level base, preferably of concrete, is required for this garage.

If you are looking to repair your current garage or order some of our Wooden Garages, make sure you check out our replacement up and over Metal Garage Door which is a stylish entrance for your Garden Garage.