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Our great range of Charcoal Barbecues are the classic way to get that tasty smoky barbecue flavour into your favourite foods. Charcoal Barbecues also tend to be more basic in design, which means that Charcoal Barbecues are often an economic approach towards getting your dream Garden Barbecue set up. Our most popular Charcoal Barbecue is the Tennessee Smoker Charcoal Barbecue which is a classy and unique barbecue for those who like thier meat smoky.

What varieties of Charcoal Barbecues can I get?

Smoking Garden Grill Barbecues, offer all the fantastic features that the dedicated Barbecue enthusiast is looking for. We offer lots of cool designs each boasting their own customised attributes, including those with a sleek modern cabinet design.

A Lot of our simpler Charcoal Barbecues combine stainless steel construction with a sophisticated black matt finish. These classic designs utilise a practical lid to keep in all of your heat and smoky flavours, as they infuse into your tasty snacks.

For those with a modest budget, we recommend our Explorer Easy Build Charcoal Barbecue by Lifestyle Barbecues. If you are a novice chef, or you are looking for a quick and simple barbecue, this is the one for you! This particular Barbecue is from our Lifestyle Explorer range, where portability is the key word. Each item has been designed to fit into a boot of a car.

Also included in our Charcoal Barbecue category, are our exciting designs from Landmann, Europe's leading supplier of barbecues, accessories and FSC garden furniture.

Established in 1983 Landmann Limited is one of the most experienced barbecue companies in the UK with a comprehensive range of barbecues and accessories, which is arguably the largest in the industry.

Their knowledge of the barbecue market has enabled Landmann to earn a reputation as a well respected, valued and trusted manufacturer. Our range of Landmann Barbecues are particularly innovative and are also great value for money.

Handy hints for Charcoal Barbecuing

  • Be organised: have everything you need ready - food, marinade, seasonings, equipment and tools - and at the grill side before you start grilling.

  • Never stab the food when turning it, always use a pair of tongs to grip and turn. Stabbing meat with a fork will allow tasty juices to drain away into the fire.

  • Foods will cook faster in a covered grill - resist the urge to peek except when basting or turning. Tender cuts of meat can be marinated in as little as 15 minutes! Less tender meats need to be marinated at least 6 hours.

  • If using wooden skewers, soak in water thirty minutes before using so ends won't burn during grilling time.