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Gardeners World is one of the largest online retailers of Gardening Equipment in the UK. Originally launched in 2005, we have grown massively in strength and numbers and currently stock a massive wide selection of gardening tools, buildings, furniture and outdoor accessories. We stock everything that you could need when it comes to creating the dream garden that you have always wanted, and all of our products have free delivery so you do not need to worry about any hidden charges.

We pride ourselves on our large range of Garden Buildings Garden Buildings, especially our Log Cabins which add a fantastic finishing touch to your garden, especially when you have guests over for an afternoon meal or summer drinks. Our log cabins come in a range of shapes and sizes, and have thick timber walls that vary in thickness from 19mm all the way to high quality 90mm thick walls. We also stock robust Garages for keeping your car safely stored inside, and both metal sheds and wooden sheds for your gardening tools and equipment.

If you are looking to spice up the design of your garden, you may want to browse our Garden Features section where we sell a variety of arbours, garden statues and garden arches that add a distinctive, timeless feel to your outdoors. Furthermore we have bird baths, tables and feeders available, and stunning sundials for an elegant outdoor display.

We also specialise in stocking a vast amount of Garden Furniture Garden Furniture which includes hammocks, picnic tables and swinging seats. Our range of products also help for when you have guests over for a meal, as we have a vast collection of Garden Furniture available to view online.

We have taken the time to write specific garden articles and buying guides that take you to step by step through each of our main categories and aid you with choosing the product that most suits your own needs. Furthermore we offer 24 hour, 7 days a week customer service telephone line, allowing you to easily place an order at any time during the day. We also back our products with a 14 day money back guarantee so that you can rest assure that you only receive the best product that you are most happy with. Please browse through our website, and be sure to check out our Garden Sale for any bargains, and if you have any queries we are only a phone call away.

Garden Furniture takes on many forms and functions and can really allow you to make the most out of your garden environment. Whether you are seeking a bench, a garden dining set or a heater for your patio, you are certain to find something to enhance your garden environment here on Gardeners World.

Seating is perhaps the most popular form of Garden Furniture with recliners and lounger proving infinitely popular over the summer months. The traditional garden bench is an enduring classic that will complement any garden setting, adding elegance and style whilst also providing somewhere to rest and enjoy the fresh air on a mild day. As well as seats, we also stock a vast array of tables with chairs to match, ideal if you fancy indulging in a spot of al fresco dining on the patio with friends, family or neighbours. Making use of hard-wearing materials such as hardwood or metal, our garden tables and chairs are built to last amidst any exterior environment with many products available for purchase at a discounted rate as coordinated sets. Many garden tables and chairs can be folded, allowing for unobtrusive storage within your shed or garage over the cooler winter months.

As well as chairs and tables, another popular option for resting and relaxing within the garden is a hammock. As a piece of Garden Furniture the hammock has come to embody rest, relaxation and an easeful way of life. The beauty of a hammock lies in its simplicity; after use it can be easily rolled up and stored away without the maintenance and care required for more permanent garden features. Made using sturdy, dependably resilient fabrics, our hammocks offer great support and are assured of longevity.

In our Garden Furniture section you will find an array of patio heaters, of the kind you might expect to find in a beer garden or restaurant terrace. In recent years patio heaters have become much more affordable with a variety of domestic models appearing on the market. These heaters are excellent for garden parties which wind on past sunset whilst also allowing you to sit out and enjoy your patio from early spring to late autumn without feeling the chill.

All of our Garden Furniture is delivered free of charge with a full manufacturer’s warranty to ensure you are protected in the highly unlikely event of any faults developing. With premium brands such as Cadix, Europa Leisure, Royalcraft, Grange, Tuin and Rowlison on offer at unbeatable prices, you can be sure that any piece of Garden Furniture that you purchase from Gardeners World will be of the utmost quality.

A Gazebo offers an excellent means of providing permanent fixed shelter within a garden environment, ideal for escaping from the sun’s punishing rays on a hot day or taking shelter from sudden summer showers. Gazebos are also fantastic when it comes to garden parties or al fresco dining with friends, family and neighbours. Our selection of high quality timber gazebos come in many different shapes and sizes, enabling you to select the model which best suits your particular garden space.

The Gazebo is a charmingly traditional garden building that allows you to take shelter whilst still enjoying the benefits of the fresh air. Some of our larger Gazebos offer options for interior seating, creating a great space within the garden for you to socialise and relax. With recognised, trusted brands such as Rowlinson, Storemore, Tuin and Grange on offer amongst others, you can be assured of premium quality when purchasing a Gazebo from Gardener’s World at a price that represents exceptionally good value for money.

We sell Gazebos to suit all budgets whether you are after a more economically proportioned piece for a smaller garden environment or a large, luxurious Gazebo to create a sublime centrepiece. Our timber Gazebos are reliably hard-wearing and, provided they are treated and well-maintained, will provide many years of pleasure within your outdoor space. Whether you opt for a model with a thatched roof, shingled roof, timber roof or canvas roof, your Gazebo will contribute a distinctive, cherished presence to your garden and will attract much attention and admiration.

The classic aesthetic of a Gazebo is ideal for lending a touch of elegance and splendour to any garden setting whilst the stylish timber design will complement any outdoor space beautifully. Whether you are serving afternoon tea to visiting relatives or enjoying drinks with friends, the Gazebo offers a space outside the home that you will come to associate with leisure and enjoyment. Gazebos are also great for summer garden parties which wind on into the evening, affording you and your guests a sheltered area to share drinks and conversation within.

Whether you are after some grand in scale and elaborate or something unobtrusive and simple, you are certain to find something to meet your specific requirements amidst our impressive collection. All Gazebos purchased via Gardener’s World are delivered flat-packed free of charge with full assembly instructions. Manufacturer’s warranties are included with all of our Gazebos, ensuring your peace of mind.

Adding a Summerhouse to your garden environment provides you with a place from which to escape from the confined routines and rigours of the home, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors whilst being warm and sheltered from the elements. At Gardeners World we stock an array of Summerhouses suitable for a variety of different purposes, whether you are seeking somewhere to relax with an absorbing read or whether you want to create a home office environment detached from your house.

Our extensive selection of Summerhouses is comprised of many shapes, sizes and styles from basic, neatly proportioned buildings to more elaborate, spacious buildings. Some feature pent roofs whilst others incorporate classic apex roofs with overhanging eaves and porches with options for felt or shingle roofing tiles. The advantage of an apex roof is that rainwater is dispersed more easily, helping to improve the robustness and condition of the roof over a longer period. We sell Summerhouses to suit various budgets and garden spaces with quality brands including Forest, Plum Products, Rowlinson and Woodland Sheds amongst others with many amazing sale prices to ensure you get exceptionally good value for money.

The elegant styling of a Summerhouse really works well to enhance the natural beauty of your garden whilst offering a comfortable, practical space you are sure to relish relaxing within. Our traditionally styled timber Summerhouses will complement any garden setting, contributing an eye-catching spectacle that is sure to make you the envy of all your friends, family and neighbours. Most of our summerhouses incorporate glazed windows and doors, admitting plenty of sunlight to create a nice airy, well-lit feel inside.

Many of our Summerhouses incorporate lock and key mechanisms on the doors to ensure security for you to leave furniture and, if you decide to wire your summerhouse for electricity, appliances and suchlike. This means that you can really create your own personal space filled with creature comforts. Tongue and Groove construction is a recurring feature of many of our Summerhouses, a build style which provides easy assembly (the pieces are simply slotted together) and lasting durability. These reinforced structures are certain to withstand the test of time within any exterior space.

All of our Summerhouses are supplied flat-packed and include extensive instructions on assembly and maintenance. We would advise the application of a good quality timber preservative either prior to or following assembly to ensure optimal longevity for your new garden building. Free delivery comes as standard with all products we sell as well as full manufacturer’s warranties to ensure your peace of mind.

We at Gardeners World specialise in a wide range of Log Cabins that will be a great, practical feature in your back garden or large outside landscape. Our Log Cabins provide you with a fantastic living space that are ideal for spending time with family and friends inside during a warm summer day, or can be used as an outside office, work shed or childrens playroom. Our selection of Log Cabins have all been manufactured from the highest quality wood, and come in a vast selection of sizes, wood thickness and roof styles.

When you are looking to buy a Log Cabin you will have to consider the thickness of the wood as this can affect how well it keeps in the heat and how robust and strong the cabin is. If you are looking for a thinner, lightweight log cabin, we stock a range of 12mm Log Cabins that make fantastic summer houses or storage areas for keeping your gardening tools inside. Up the scale we stock a massive variety of standard 28mm Log Cabins that come in a range of different shapes and sizes, including corner cabins and traditional flat roofed pent style cabins that are ideal for relaxing inside during a warm summer afternoon.

If you are looking to spend your free time outside, you may want to consider our Double Glazed Log Cabins Cabins that make a perfect place to eat, work, play and even sleep inside. For added heat and insulation, we sell Twin Skinned Log Cabins that are designed with double thick walls that are filled with insulation material, ensuring that the cabin retains the heat inside and keeps your cosy during cold winter evenings.

We stock a large selection of Luxury 90mm Log Cabins that offer a great amount of space, warmth and add an elegant touch to your outdoors. Our 90mm cabins have double or even twin rooms, come with glazed windows and in most cases have a front veranda and canopy for sitting outside in the shade underneath. These cabins offer ample living space, and will last you a lifetime.

Our range of log cabins also include Garage Log Cabins that make a superb alternative to traditional cement garages. Our garden cabins are made from high quality timber and provide a great amount of space for keeping your car safely locked inside. These garden cabins are perfect for farm land and add a natural tone to your surroundings. We would like to make it as easy as possible for you to find the Log Cabin that best suits your home. Our cabins are separated into specific categories so that you can hone in on the exact cabin that you would like.

A Shed is an ideal storage solution for your back garden, and provides you with ample space for keeping your garden tools, outside furniture and gardening accessories inside and out of reach. Here at Gardeners World we sell a large selection of long lasting, durable garden sheds to buy, that have been designed in a range of different types and materials, allowing you to choose the most suitable Shed to compliment your outdoors.

Our range of sheds include Apex Roof Sheds, which have a traditional, sloped roof design for any water to drain off the sides without damaging the shed. These Apex sheds come in a variety of sizes, making them ideal for both small and large gardens and landscapes. We stock high quality Apex Sheds made by international companies such as Walton and Groundsman, and are made from a selection of timber that come from FSC certified renewable forest sources.

When it comes to choosing the right shed for your outdoors, you may be looking for large Barn Sheds that are perfect for working inside when doing construction work. Our range of barn sheds off a wide, spacious interior that makes it easier to work inside, and also have large double doors so that you can lock your tools up to prevent any theft. If space is an issue we also stock a great selection of Corner Sheds which add a distinctive, elegant feel to your garden. Our corner sheds are perfect for smaller gardens, and also allow you to design your garden around the shed and add a classic look to your outdoors.

If you are looking for somewhere to only store your tools and garden supplies, you may be interested in viewing our Tool Sheds which are much smaller than standard sheds, and provide you with a convenient place for keeping your tools locked away. We also supply a range of Security Sheds to buy, that can be used for storing your more expensive gardening equipment inside. Some of our security sheds are made from high grade metal for added strength, and are a great alternative to traditional wooden sheds.

Here at Gardeners World we want you to find the exact garden shed to best suit your own individual needs. Each of our sheds are categorized for easy navigation, and we feature the full specification and material of the sheds so you are able to find the right sizes shed for your home. Additionally our sheds are delivered straight to your home and are sent flat packed with full assembly instructions included.

For years Greenhouses have been a familiar sight in the backgarden, and is one of the most important investments that any gardener should make. We are Gardeners World know the importance of selecting the correct Greenhouse for your home, which is why we stock a massive selection of Greenhouses in varying sizes and designs so that you can find exactly what you need.

Our greenhouses help to protect your plants and vegetables when they are still growing from any outside influences, whilst ensuring that they get sufficient sunlight and allows you to easily top them up with water when required. We stock classic Wooden Greenhouses that are made from high quality timber wood, and offer excellent strength and year round stability. These greenhouses are perfect for adding a natural tone to your home, and have wide front doors for getting inside.

For added safety, especially around children, we stock a selection of Frame and Safety Glass Greenhouses . These greenhouses are designed with strong, polycarbonate windows that are virtually shatter proof whilst still providing your vegetables with important sunlight. These greenhouses are a great choice for when you have children playing outside, and also have sliding doors for fast entry.

If you are looking for smaller greenhouses for housing your vegetable patch, you may be interested in our range of Cold Frames which provides a safe, robust area for your plants to blossom inside. These cold frames protect your plants from severe weather conditions, and help to trap in the heat with their upper lid. There are other areas to consider when purchasing a greenhouse, such as if you require additional Greenhouse Ventilation inside the greenhouse, or for additional inside greenhouse heaters that prevent frost from affecting your plants. We also provide Greenhouse Shelving and benches for placing inside your greenhouse to help create more room for placing your plants upon.

We at Gardeners World also stock other options for your greenhouse, such as external rainwater kits for collecting any excess water when it rains. Additionally we have staging for categorising your plants and vegetables inside. All of our greenhouses and utensils have free delivery and have full product information so that you can make the best buying decision.

Gardeners World aims to provide all you need to make your garden a space that you can really be proud of. With everything from secateurs to summerhouses, you are sure to find whatever you require to really enhance an outdoor space. We stock an extensive selection of barbecues, buildings, garden features, tools, garden furniture, and an assortment of other products. Our impressively vast range of garden buildings includes summerhouses, gazebos, log cabins and sheds, ideal whether you are creating your own personal space to retreat to or are simply seeking a secure tool storage solution. Elsewhere, out barbecue section incorporates both gas and charcoal powered models along with chimeneas and fire pits, excellent for enjoying the garden environment long past dusk on those mild summer evenings.

The Gardeners World collection of Garden Features is very extensive indeed with products such as bird baths, arbours, awnings, statues, planters and pergolas. This section of Gardeners World also includes solar vents and solar panels, increasingly popular options for home owners in these times of environmental awareness. Our collection of lighting products is ideal for illuminating your driveway or patio or also for lending accent light to a water feature or statue. Browsing through our website, your imagination is certain to run away with you as visualise all the potential ways in which you can make the most of your outdoor space, creating an inviting environment tailored to your own tastes and requirements.

For the avid gardener, garden tools are an indispensable when it comes to maintaining a neat and meticulously orderly, attractive garden environment. Gardeners World offer a diverse selection of tools including saws, pruners, rakes as well as machinery including chainsaws, lawnmowers, leaf blowers and even garden tractors. Another popular section of our website is the garden furniture category. Everyone likes to sit out and bask in the sun’s rays over the warmer summer months and what better way to do this than with one of our furniture sets or loungers. We also sell parasols for creating shade from UV rays or shelter from showers and patio heaters which enable you to enjoy your outdoor space from early spring to late autumn.

Gardeners World carry a number of prestigious and trusted brands including Cadix, Bosch, Flymo, Hayter, Karcher, Konstsmide and many more with highly competitive prices, ensuring you get both premium quality and excellent value for money when purchasing garden products from our site. Free mainland UK delivery ensures that the price you see is the price you pay whilst full manufacturer’s warranties with all products ensures your peace of mind.

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